Choose process to apply to your study items.

Price is based on any number (set) of items that will fit in a chamber. Extra charges will apply if large number of items require more than one chamber per run. Pre/Post pictures and lab cert. included with every order. Common choices are already populated in dropdown box.

CRC (Clinical Reprocessing Cycles) AC

Bovine blood and lipids exposureItems exposed to bovine blood and lipids taken from marrow to simulate exposure to body fluids. Items are smeared in ROI and rinsed after 10min in tap water unless otherwise specified.

Soak Time, min.: 
Soak Temp, F: 
Rinse Cycle
Temp, C: 
Saline Soak (Pre-Conditioning w/ 0.9% Normal Saline)
Soak Time, hr: 
Soak Temp, C: 
Enzyme SoakThis cycle use a standard hospital enzyme solution inside of the washer cycle.

Enzyme Soak Time, min: 
Enzyme Soak Temp, C: 
Wash CyclesThis cycle has a pre-rinse followed by a wash cycle and another rinse.

Wash Type: 
Wash Temp, C: 
Wash Time, min: 
Sterilization CycleThis cycle is performed in a steam autoclave or a chemical bath.

Temp, F: 
Charge Time, min: 
AC Type: 
Pre-Vac pulses: 
Drying CyclesThese drying cycles will occur at 250F in the autoclave chamber following the charge cycle unless otherwise specified.

Drying Time, min: 
Drying Temp, C: 
Drying Type: 
Cooling Cycles (Autoclave Only)These cooling cycles will occur outside of the chamber following the sterilization cycle.

Cooling Time, min: 
Cooling Temp, C: 
Digital PhotographyIn checkout select 2 pictures for pre/post test pictures, select the actual number of cycles to be run for pictures after every cycle, select actual number of pictures for custom study and provide description at checkout. Max number of samples for using this option is 20, if more than 20 samples are part of the study custom pricing will be given.

Single/Multiple Custom Cleaning ProtocolsFor more than 10 items or 10 cycles please call.

Single/Multiple Custom Cleaning Protocols GBD3-3-1-16rk-wd$46.50Method:  Special2:  Special3:  Special4: 
Single/Multiple Custom Autoclave ProtocolsFor more than 10 items or 10 cycles please call.

GBD3-3-1-16rk-ac$90.00Method:  Temp.C,:  Exp.m.:  Dry,m.:  Special1:  Special2:  Special3:  Special4: 
Extended Sterilization cycles (beyond 20-300min) extac$70.00, 100/$80.00, 300/$120.0040: 

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