Bicortical with cancellous center (sold individually)
BoneSim Cancellous Analogs
BoneSim Cortical Analogs
BoneSim Cortical/Cancellous Analogs
BoneSim Cranial Analogs
BoneSim CRC (Clinical Re-processing Cycles)
BoneSim Dental Analogs (Lekholm and Zarb Classification)
BoneSim Experimental
Bonesim Series Cancellous
BoneSim™ 1800 20mm
BoneSim™ Cortical Analogs
BoneSim™ Custom
BoneSim™ Sample Pak
BSC-10: Custom
CRC (Clinical Reprocessing Cycles)
Engineering Services
Lekholm and Zarb Type I/II Hard Bone
Lekholm and Zarb Type III/IV Soft Bone
New Product - Calcified Plaque Lesions Models
Uni-Cortical BS1800.35-misc.35

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