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* Please note that layer thicknesses, in mm, are given from the outer table, diploid area, and inner table in the product name respectively.

Below is a list of standard BSC-10 models with a brief description. You can order these models, or customize a model to fit your precise purposes.

- C.2.3.1: this is our general purpose cranial model. The outer table (cortical) is 2.0mm, diploid area (cancellous) is 3.0mm, and the inner table (cortical) is 1.0mm.

- C.2.2.1: this is our worst-case fixation model, meant to simulate a condition where a device (e.g. halo) has to be anchored to a relatively thin area of skull.

- C.3.4.2: this is our worst-case access model, meant to simulate a condition where the inside of the skull must be accessed through a relatively thick area of the skull.

BSC-10: Custom bsc10$123.00Outer Table (cortical) thickness, mm:  Diploid Area (cancellous) thickness, mm:  Cancellous Type, g/cc:  Inner Table (cortical), mm: 

C.2.3.1: Gen. Purpose genpurpose$123.00
C.2.2.1: Worst-Case Fixation fixation$123.00
C.3.4.2: Worst-Case Access access$123.00

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