BoneSim™ Experimental substrates (Custom blending)

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BoneSim™ Custom bsexp1$1.00

Click to enlargeBoneSim Small Specimen CylindersSmall specimens made into cylinders with diameter of 0.25 inches. Use for experimental validation, mechanical properties, tribology, etc. All specimens approximately 0.500 inches long unless otherwise specified.

BoneSim Small Specimen Cylinders smlcyl$14.50Density: 
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bs-custom$135.00length,mm:  width,mm:  height,mm:  Density, g/cc: 
Click to enlargeBoneSim Granules (price per gram, 50g minimum)Use these loose particles for experimentation purposes. Packed in vacuum seal bag, 50g minimum order.

BS-Raw$1.00Bonesim Series: 

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